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Cervical Cancer Awareness & Prevention…What do you know?

Happy New You D2F Catalyst Readers!!! Cervical Cancer and the Urban Community Quick Facts Out of the 12,000 women diagnosed each year, Hispanic women are ranked highest for diagnosed cases of cervical cancer Over 40% of the black women diagnosed with cervical cancer this year will die from the disease. This month the…

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Happy New YOU!!

As we prepare to ring in the year 2013 it would not be a surprise to anyone if this blog simply discussed ways to improve your physical health, but that would not be a true reflection of “public health” to simply highlight physical wellness. Instead focus on a holistic approach to your health and identify…

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Back to School…Not Really!

The school year began. Some were in class for a few weeks, while others were there only one week until the Chicago Teacher’s Union strike launched.  Approximately 26,000 teachers and over 350,000 students have been out of the classroom for over a week. We can’t seem to escape the news coverage on the…

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