Travel to Nashville

Dinner with Guest Speaker Dr. Krystal Little-Lewis


The trip for the D2F office was long. I was tired but I enjoyed the workshop. I feel like if a lot of girls took the time to be true to themselves they would realize that other people’s opinions and views shouldn’t matter. It should be how the look at and value themselves. I also like that I am getting to meet new people and getting the chance to make new friends. Also, I liked listening to Dr. Krystal Speak about what she had to go through to be successful and if she can do it then I know I can too! I can’t wait to get started tomorrow when we go to Tennessee State. ~Veronica Garcia

Today was a good day to start off the Movement tour. One of my favorite highlights of the day was the workshop Ms. Cheresa did about the movement starts within. It was basically saying we should be true to ourselves and start working on ourselves within. In my opinion the moves I need to make to honor my worth is to start loving myself more and embrace who I am and what I can become.~Porchia White

The first leg of the tour of the trip wasn’t as bad as I thought. The workshop after lunch kept me engaged. Social media is a big part of my life and this tour. All I do is tweet, so why not include D2F? The workshop taught me to love myself for who I am and that I can’t cheat the woman in the glass…me! We wrapped our day with a very appetizing dinner and a very engaging talk from Dr. Krystal Little-Lewis. Although I couldn’t relate to every aspect of her life I took away many valuable lessons; having faith in God being the most important.~Destiny McClendon


The SLT Girls with former D2F Participant Dr. Krystal Little-Lewis