Good Morning D2F Family and Friends!

Today I have food on the brain.  It seems to be a  struggle with what I should be eating on a DAILY basis.  Of course, I enjoy eating fast food on occasion but hamburgers and french fries get old really quick and I find myself  bored with my limited menu.  It also doesn’t help that  food prices are at an all time high( its almost cheaper to eat a $1 hamburger than to buy fresh meat and produce at the store)… so sad but it’s our reality.

Going to the grocery store can be depressing for someone on a small budget but I’ve found a tool through on the 3 P’s: Eating Healthy on a Budget.  I plan to start using this as a guide to help me with eating healthier foods that are also affordable.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress but I’ll leave you with the link to the website and a few of the tips. If you have any suggestions on where to shop for  healthy and reasonably priced foods in the Chicago-land area please leave a comment on the post! Also share any healthy recipes that I along with other readers could use as we become more conscious and healthier eaters TOGETHER:)