D2F Leadership 

Laisha McDaniel

Senior Director of Product Management, IAA, RB Global

D2F Chapter & Induction: FCEA South Suburban Chapter, 1998

D2F Impact Statement: “D2F was the pillar I needed in the crux of adolescence. I escaped many societal pressures, unfortunately many of my peers fell victim to. In D2F, I developed and cultivated sisterhoods. These bonds were my reminders that my vow of purity wasn’t in vain and most importantly, I wasn’t alone.”

Laisha McDaniel is the CEO and Founder of LLF-Consulting, LLC with 20+ years of combined experience in Project Management and Human Resources. Born and raised in Chicago, Laisha attended Northern Illinois University. After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communications, Laisha started her career in Project Management where she led projects for a variety of organizations. Some which include: Microsoft, Dell and Atkore International. After earning two Master’s degrees (Project Management and Human Resources) Laisha coupled her education and professional experience and created LLF-Consulting, a firm specializing in Professional Development. Laisha is a certified Project Manager.

Laisha’s solid business acumen allows her to view businesses with a wide lens and narrow them down, identify business complexity, provide critical thinking, and drive product strategy. Laisha offers a unique blend of thought leadership, vision, and project management expertise. She specializes in organizing processes, teams, and technology that seamlessly shifts the gears of failing businesses. She has professional expertise in risk management and mitigation and strategic planning. Laisha recognizes our young women today will indeed shape our future tomorrow. She understands her responsibility of leading our young women to Christ. Laisha is committed to imparting wisdom while exercising humility to listen and learn at their feet. ‘We need them, just as much as they need us.’