Leadership & College Access

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. -John F. Kennedy

At present, more than 80% of girls participating in programs at Demoiselle 2 Femme, NFP will be first generation college students upon enrollment.  Therefore, leadership skill development and college access services are integrated into all D2F after school. Specific programs/services include:

College Access Services (offered to ALL participants of any D2F afterschool program):
•    In & Out of State College Visits
•    College Cafes  (hands-on workshops, i.e. college essay development, scholarship searches, financial aid, survival tips)
•    Financial Aid/FAFSA Application Assistance
•    College Application Assistance
•    College Prep Workshops

The Leadership College

SONY DSCThe Leadership College is an intense leadership development program designed to increase self-efficacy and life skills essential to becoming a successful leader. Students are challenged to develop their leadership potential through participation in group project creation, management, and implementation; workshops; cultural outings; and speaker symposiums.  These activities teach students leadership styles, effective communication, conflict management, decision making, goal setting, character development and team work.  In 2012, the Leadership College (LC) was awarded 2nd Place for the “Heroes in the Hood” service competition. The cohort created and filmed a short story which addressed self-esteem and teen dating violence.  LC students used the video to conduct community education workshops to more than 150 girls, teaching them the importance of self-worth and the dangers of dating violence. The Leadership College is a two-year program and recruits only high school sophomores. Read more…

The Summer Leadership Tour

"Dream Girls" Summer Leadership Tour 2013
“Dream Girls” Summer Leadership Tour 2013

The Summer Leadership Tour is an annual educational experience which has been offered to students for seven years. Each year, 20-25 students participate in a week-long expedition which includes daily affirmations, leadership workshops, service learning/community service, college visits, learning assignments, a leadership symposium with professional women and a summit with local girls. The summit provides an opportunity for girls from two major US cities to express the realities and differences of their communities while recognizing similarities in their experiences. Previous summer tours have included girls’ summits with: Lower Eastside Girls Club (New York, NY), G.E.M.S. (Atlanta, GA), Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies (New Orleans, LA), Dangerfield Institute of Urban Problems (Los Angeles, CA). Read more…

College Connection
This program component is all about college retention and completion! The College Connection provides support services to participants from their freshman year in college to completion of a baccalaureate degree. Students receive: scholarships, semester care packages, seminars, internships at D2F, professional guidance, summer and winter college soirées, mentorship, and a monthly support conference call. To celebrate the academic accomplishments of program participants, high school graduates receive a D2F (orchid and fuchsia) graduation cord and college graduates receive a D2F monogramed stole.