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WVON Radio Gives Our GWave Girls A Lesson on History, Media, and How to be Successful

How did girls from G-WAVE (Girls With A Voice Empowered) spend their President’s Day holiday? Being Empowered! Daveda Flute shared with participants the history of WVON and its significance in the African American experience. For 50 years, WVON has been and remains the drum major for the African-American community of Chicago. It continues…

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Demoiselle 2 Femme Celebrates 20 Years of Service to Girls

On the 20th day of January, we commemorated the servant leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In honoring his dream, we announced the launch of our 20th Year Anniversary in servant leadership of successfully transitioning girls into women. We are looking forward to this being a year of reflection, connection, and celebrating…

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Stop Wasting Your Time

TIME- it doesn’t work for us or against us. It just is. Its neutrality makes it neither a friend nor an enemy. Yet the fabric of our lives rests on our ability to maximize something we cannot see…TIME! The naivety that it can be squandered it is often the philosophy of our youth….

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