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not-for-profit organization with a rich history of providing community-based programs to girls on the far south side of Chicago as well as the south suburbs. The mission of D2F is to provide holistic services, education, instruction, and training to assist adolescent females in a successful transition to womanhood. In fulfilling its mission, D2F has provided prevention and education programs to more than 7,000 girls ages 13-19 in the Chicagoland community for almost 30 years. Through various programs girls are challenged to utilize critical thinking skills when exercising one of the greatest powers humans possess-the power of choice. 


To date, D2F has assisted nearly 1,000 girls to become first-generation college graduates and awarded over $57,000 in academic scholarships. D2F is also the convening organization for the Coalition on Urban Girls – Chicago, the HOPE Network of Schools, the Black Women’s Professional League (40 Under 40), and redesigned the Christian Guild, an organization founded in 1945. D2F developed and implements the “3-D”, an evidence based, holistic youth development curriculum. D2F alumni have transitioned from girls to women who are impacting the fields of STEM, law, education, social work, law enforcement, public service, finance, nonprofit and corporate management, and entrepreneurship.