D2F Leadership 

Dr. Jenny Andrews

Law Enforcement /Chicago Police Department

D2F Chapter & Induction: D2F Faith-Based City Chapter, 1998

D2F Impact Statement: “Demoiselle 2 Femmes impacted my life at an early age by exposing me to Christian women from different backgrounds who were committed to working together to instill godly principles in the lives of young women.”

Jenny Andrews holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Multimedia from California Lutheran University, a Master of Arts in Teaching from Dominican University, and a Doctor of Education from Concordia University Chicago. Prior to her role in law enforcement, she spent 14 years teaching in various academic settings across the City of Chicago. Believing that individuals should always strive to challenge the status quo, Dr. Andrews hopes to add to this board her innovative mindset and solution-oriented leadership style. Her mission is to ensure that the next wave of girls have such a godly encounter that even unborn generations will be able to feel the ripples of the work being done today.