D2F Leadership 

Nyla Morrison

Graduate Student, MS in Computer Science, DePaul University

D2F Chapter & Induction: Bellevue Ministry Center, 2009

D2F Impact Statement: “Without the guidance of D2F, I doubt I would be in the STEM field today. The women who mentored and guided us in the organization were the same ones who helped me build the confidence to pursue my dreams.” 

Nyla Morrison holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry from DePaul University (an accolade that she also credits to Femme 2 STEM- one of the many programs she participated in during her time at Demoiselle that taught and exposed girls to STEM skills/careers) and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Computer Science at DePaul. Her educational background in Biochemistry has equipped her with a strong analytical and innovative mindset, as well as a commitment to rigorous problem-solving. She is excited to use that same creativity and innovation used in her field to start solving some of the problems that girls are facing in their day-to-day! Nyla believes that education and mentorship are powerful tools for transforming lives. She owes her own educational journey to the incredible women who have supported her along the way, and she is deeply committed to paying it forward. Witnessing the positive impact that this organization has on the lives of young girls fuels Nyla’s determination to contribute my skills and knowledge. Nyla remains honored to be a part of D2F’s mission, working to inspire and empower the next generation of girls and help them become the leaders of tomorrow.