Demoiselle 2 Femme (Signature Program) – Chapter Membership Only

D2F Signature is a faith-based, holistic youth development program which provides curriculum instruction using our evidence-based 3-D Curriculum. Girls learn critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and leadership development skills, as well as participate in service learning and mission trips, conferences, and cultural activities. Additionally, girls receive college prep and college access services, group mentorship, and learn the importance of true sisterhood.

College Connection

College Connection –  is a program hosted by the Femme Foundation which provides support services to D2F participants (from their freshman year in college to completion of a baccalaureate degree. Students can apply for D2F scholarships, receive care packages, internships, professional guidance, and attend seminars and “Connection Soirées.” To celebrate the academic accomplishments of program participants, high school graduates receive a D2F (orchid and fuchsia) graduation cord and college graduates receive a D2F monogramed stole.

G-WAVE (Girls With A Voice Empowered)

G-WAVE is a leadership development program which helps to amplify the voice of girls on an array of issues which concern them. Girls learn the tenets of social justice beginning with the teachings Christ. Using a modified version of the “Teaching Tolerance” framework, girls are developed and anchored in four key domains: Identity, Diversity, Justice, and LIA (Love in Action). The “Fuschia Flood” community justice method is used to flood awareness and attention to injustices and specific calls to action.

The Leadership College & Summer Leadership Tour

The Leadership College is an intense leadership development program designed to increase self-efficacy and life skills essential to becoming a transformational leader. Girls are challenged to develop their leadership potential through participation in group project creation, management, and implementation; workshops; cultural outings; and speaker symposiums. The culminating event for the Leadership College is the Summer Leadership Tour – an annual educational travel experience which has been offered to students over 13 years. Students participate in a week-long expedition across the U.S. or central location which includes daily affirmations, leadership workshops, service learning/community service, college visits, learning assignments, a leadership symposium with professional women and a summit with local girls. *Only girls who are members of D2F, G-WAVE or the Christian Guild (Formation Org) may participate in the Leadership College & Summer Leadership Tour.

The Femme Foundation

The Femme Foundation is a ministry for women ages 25+ designed to inspire spiritual, personal, and professional growth. This ministry program was designed by D2F alumni to develop and strengthen Christian leadership in women.  In addition to supporting women the Femme Foundation governs two D2F programs – Scholarships and the College Connection. 


Theace Goldsberry Ministry House

The Theace Goldsberry Ministry House is the birthplace of Demoiselle 2 Femme, NFP and is used to bring hope and the love of Christ to the south end of the Englewood community. The “House” provides ministry programs and activities to residents and convenes the South Englewood Community Action Group (SECAG). SECAG is a resident organization which galvanizes and empowers community members to envision and advocate for social and economic development.

T3 (Transition, Transcend, Transform)

T3 (Transition, Transform, Transcend) – In a recent survey conducted by D2F, more than 75% of employed young women ages 18-24 in felt trapped in dead end jobs, e.g., fast food restaurants, beauty supply stores and retail. T3 is designed to increase the proportion of young women who are gainfully employed and/or attending the college or university of their choice. The 16-week includes intensive coaching and sessions which teach critical thinking, ethics, social responsibility, job readiness skills, intro to careers in S.T.E.M. & trades, financial literacy, workplace etiquette as well as provide: career assessment, college access, and job placement.

D2F Founders’ Scholarship

The Founders’ Scholarship was established to celebrate the vision, hard work and perseverance of our Founders, Sherida V. Morrison and Romanetha Looper. In honor of these two women, the recipient of this scholarship should represent a young woman who is purpose-minded, ambitious, honorable, and who recognizes her ability to make a difference in the community regardless of her profession.

Dr. Krystal Lewis Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Dr. Krystal Little-Lewis, a former D2F participant. Dr. Lewis graduated from Morgan Park H.S. and was a member of the Bellevue Chapter of D2F. She obtained her undergraduate degree from Howard University, Washington, DC and her Doctorate in Dentistry from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN. Dr. Lewis is married and is currently practicing Dentistry in Nashville, TN. She established this scholarship to encourage D2F participants to pursue careers in the sciences, as well as pursue their hopes and dreams.

Book Scholarship

Book scholarships are awarded to D2F participants and community members who are pursuing postsecondary education.